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Cataphoretic coating

We have a full cataphoretic painting line. The process of painting with this method consists in covering painted elements in immersion using the phenomenon of electrochemical flow of paint particles from a solution and depositing them on the surface of a submerged detail while connecting voltage. With this method of painting, a high quality coating is obtained throughout the entire painted area. This method can be painted elements made of: steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, cast steel, cast iron, aluminum.

The advantages of cataphoresis painting are: – excellent surface protection against corrosion  – approx. 1000 hours in the salt chamber,

  • good protection against mechanical damage
  • even coating thickness on the entire surface of the painted element
  • excellent paint penetration in all hard to reach, recessed and protected areas of the painted element
  • environmentally friendly coating process due to the fact that it is a closed process

In technical terms, the cataphoretic coating process involves two stages, requiring strict adherence to the technological regime:

  • Stage I surface preparation
  • Stage II painting stage

Each stage of the process plays a very important role and is monitored on an ongoing basis by line service employees.coating